Juan Eugenio Ochoa Juan Eugenio Ochoa "Senza Titolo" dalla serie Iconica Analitica 2021- 80x60 cm olio su tela - Available Juan Eugenio Ochoa Senza titolo - olio su tela - 140x140 cm - 2021 - Sold Juan Eugenio Ochoa Iconica analitica serie - 2019 - olio su tela dittico - 60x100cm - Available Juan Eugenio Ochoa Lirica analitica serie - 2014 - Olio su tela -1 20x80cm - Available Juan Eugenio Ochoa Iconica analitica series - Olio su tela 2016 - dittico -150x200cm - Sold



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Apart handles art by some of the most promising international artists and by those officially recognized in the field of Modern, Post War & Contemporary Art, offering full guidance toward “conscious collecting.”

Through a multidisciplinary approach, the company provides services related to the management of individual artworks and/or entire collections, with the goal of enhancing, in an area of growing complexity and in a globalized world, the value of a collector’s artistic assets.