• Buying and selling artworks
    Apart handles art by some of the most promising international artists and by those officially recognized in the field of Modern, Post War & Contemporary Art, offering full guidance toward “conscious collecting.”
  • Management of art collections
    Consultation on the establishment of foundations and trusts.
  • Creation of family archives
  • Relations with Auction Houses, Museums, Galleries and Artists’ Archives.
  • National and International fiscal matters
    Buying and selling artworks require a careful examination of fiscal matters, both domestic and international, with the goal of performing an optimal cost-benefit analysis in the interest of the client.
  • Donations inter vivos or mortis causa
    Enhancing the value of a “luxury” art piece starts at the acquisition stage and continues through the bequest. Several elements of increasing complexity need to be taken into account. In the past, issues related to property change of valuable art collections have been neglected.
    Through its collaboration with notaries, lawyers and accountants, Apart offers a thorough analysis of the best solutions for transferring one or more artworks, with a focus on the balance between the emotional/personal sphere, family relations, and financial considerations.
  • Conservation, restoration, exhibitions
    An artwork increases in value if it is properly cared for and carefully preserved.
  • New Technology for the protection of authenticity and against art forgery.
  • Insurance of family wealth.
  • Logistics
    Packaging , domestic and international shipping, customs and relations with authorities.
  • Apart organizes art exhibitions, working both with newcomers and simple art lovers and with collectors and art professionals, in the spirit of bringing people and art together.